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Hello Everyone,

This email is being recirculated per the request of
some as a  reminder to them and others about what
we are trying to accomplish.  Also all monies are
due by OCTOBER 15, 2013. There is still quite a bit
of work ahead but the repeater purchase is the main
objective at this time so getting your money in on
time would be most appreciated.  I will ask Buddy,
N4BLJ to post this to the website as
I do not have everyone's email address.  I would
like as many to know about this D-STAR project as

We do have an official club name and callsign.  The
club name will be United Digital Amateur Radio Club
(UDARC)  and callsign KF5YIR.  I am going to
request a vanity callsign of N5TAM in
commemoration of  "The Tuskegee Airmen".  If
anyone else has other ideas I am open for
suggestions.  I will wait until the end of the week
before applying 10/05/2013.

There have been a number of guys that have
expressed interest in this project but do not know
what D-STAR is or how it works.  Some have
donated to the cause and have no interest in
D-STAR (Thanks guys!).  I will try to explain it as
simply as I know how and list some links below for
reading at your leisure.  I am in no way trying to
replace HF operation in anyone's mind.  HF is my
first love in radio and always will be so.  I also
believe that digital voice communications is the
wave of the future of radio as with SDR radios being
produced daily.  All of the filtering and audio circuits
in or out of your radios are also changing to DSP.  It
seems as though most things in our lives are being
digitally processed: computers, cellphones,
televisions, satellites, video games and the like.  
Even your newer HF transceivers are more
computer than anything else.  Everything seems to
be 0's and 1's.  One bit stream after another.

D-STAR is 2m, 70cm, and 1.2ghz on steroids with an
internet backbone.  There are other ways this
technology is used but for me this works.  D-STAR
has been around for several years and the network
is growing daily.  You will be able to talk to your
friends when propagation is poor or non-existent.  
If you are in range of your local D-STAR repeater
you can link that repeater to a reflector (conference
server) where you think your buddies are hanging
out or you can call sign route to that same friend if
he is traveling.  D-STAR helps find him for you.  Oh,
did I mention that D-STAR is now on HF, yes I said
HF.  If you have the inclination to do so, please
consider helping in getting this project off the

If you are like me, frugal (cheap).  The most
inexpensive way to get into D-STAR is to buy a DV
Dongle (about $200).  If you decide to go this way I
can save you some steps in getting signup for the
gateway.  Contact HRO in the Atlanta store and get
your DV Dongle and get J Josh to sign you up for
gateway access. I think he is their IT guy.  You can
get the Dongle from any of the sales people.  This
DV Dongle connects to your computer or laptop with
an internet connection.  It is similar to IRLP and
ECHOLINK but has the flexibility to do many other
things that involve the internet and ham radio. The
RF portion works as it always has but the added
connectivity of the internet gives you routing
capabilities such as call sign routing.  There are a lot
more capabilities that are to numerous to list here.  
Below are some links that may help you understand
more about D-STAR. They explain it a lot better than

I who like to especially thank those of you that
already donated.  A number of the guys without any
reservations signed on because they welcomed the
idea and the emerging technology.  If you wish to or
have the inclination to do so, please consider
helping in getting this project off the ground.

Thanks, Jack N5KDV


To all concerned, ICOM of America has an offer on  D-STAR
repeaters at a discounted price until the end of year 2013. We are
going to take advantage of this offer before it expires. There are a
number of hams that are buying or have already bought D-STAR
capable radios. A decision was made, as a group of operators to
establish a common meeting place For Us By Us (FUBU).

This email is to give some insight into what a number of hams in
our community are proposing in reference to D-STAR by Icom.
There several hams that have expressed interest in owning our
own D-STAR Repeater. These repeaters are purchased in stacks
or modules. There is a Controller, module A (1.2G), module B
(23cm), module C (70cm) and module D (1.2G data only).   
Initially the Controller and at least one module is required. Our
plan is to purchase the required complex and add one other
module as monies permits. We are also exploring the possibility
of also having a Reflector and/or xReflector.  These servers will
be required and high speed data connections are needed for
multiple connections. Server or servers will have to be
purchased.  More on that at a later time.

I am requesting donations of $100.00 per person toward the
purchase of this D-STAR   repeater and related equipment.

Any money exceeding the purchase price of the repeater will go
to the benefit of future D-STAR projects in other areas.  I will only
raise money for the initial D-STAR repeater but be willing to help
others in their quest to add other Icom D-STAR repeaters or
D-STAR compatible repeaters. There are quite a number of
obstacles and hurdles to cross as we go along but we are willing
to go through what may be a slow process. The repeater will be
put on the air ASAP providing nothing insurmountable comes
along. It will always be a work in progress. There are a number of
good people helping with this project, so it is just not me doing all
the work. If you are interested in donating, contact me for more
information via email and may be reached
by phone 601-445-5125.  The repeater site will be placed at my
residence for the time being or until a better site.can be
acquired.  The purposed club name will be UNITED DIGITAL
RADIO CLUB if it is available.  Suggestions and help are welcome.  
I would prefer that this not be discussed on the air for certain
reasons.  Oh, by the way you can/may find a number of familiar
voices on REF004B/C for the time being.

Jack, N5KDV