Chicago cook out 2008

For the benefit of those who were not able to make the Cookout/Picnic this
August 03,2008. I am informing you of the raffle prize winners.

We had a one of the best days as far as weather was concerned and quite a
large turn-out. We had lots of kids (meaning small children) under age 10.
Charles KG9AV'S; employer donated a PROFESSIONAL CLOWN act for the
kids. Charles also set-up his new propane outdoor kitchen (nice set-up)
and cooked fish; deep fried pork ribs and deep fried biscuits. (Next time
Home Made Buscuits "Please". Great job KG9AV. Thanks to you and your
employee for the donations. Most who were there had a good time and
everyone had plenty to eat. The caterers did a nice job with the food and

Raffle prize winners:

Willie Malone - Chicago Area; 3rd / $100.00
Reginald P. Graham - Maryland; 2nd / $200.00
Michelle Kuykendal - Chicago area; 1st. $300.00

73's N9SDT,