Upon arrival at Rendezvous XVIII , I was given a surprise assignment by Jimmy Charles, WW6JC,
to organize entertainment for the ladies only segment on hospitality night.  I couldn’t resist, so I
gathered my crew Mary Courtney (N3ZMU), Angela Faust, Gloria Moody (KB3SEL), and Barbara
Lamb.  I knew they wouldn’t let me down, so we went to work putting things together so all the
ladies would enjoy themselves.

In past years, whenever I planned for the ladies hospitality, Jean Monroe, our designated
Rendezvous Chaplain, would give me the eye and say “OK Ellen!”  She knew that sometimes I could
get carried away, so I would smile and say OK, no surprises.  I knew my guardian angel was
watching me, so I had to keep it clean.  

When the group played the game “Hot Potato”, everyone was serious about not getting caught with
the hot potato. When trying to pass the hot potato to the next player, they were so much into the
game and trying to get rid of it, that Thelma McAllister (KB9DKM) took the opportunity to stand on a
chair, and like a cheer leader and all in fun yelled “fight, hit her!” Everyone burst into laughter.
Games were played, new friends were made, birthdays celebrated, gifts were won.

And when the night was done, everyone had fun.”

Warmest Regards, Ellen N. Wells, KB3NNM

The cook out was excellent food, dancing and swimming the park was very good not to far from the
hotel .

The golf tournament was Friday June 18, played 18 holes felt like 36 it was hot, hot
The overall winner was Thophles Williams Monroe's brother in law but he is not a ham so he will
have come back next year.
The winner in the ham division was you know.

Grady, WB3JUV gives thanks to the South Carolina group for putting on a good show and we will do
it again next year 2011
Everyone had a very enjoyable and memorable time.
Rendezvous  XVIII 2010
Myrtle Beach, SC
Members and Friends.

This year’s gathering was held in Myrtle Beach, SC

Robert  Battle, KE4HGB, Coordinator

Host were :
Michael Ellison, AA5EL

Lloyd Mitchell, KO4L

Alfonso Gregg, W1GRE

Grady Ball, WB3JUV