The Twelfth Annual Amateur Radio Rendezvous was held just outside
Raleigh in Morrisville , North Carolina on June 4, 5 and 6, 2004.  It was a
grand affair.  In spite of having only two months for preparation,
Reginald (W4REG), Smitty (NG4E)

and their wives Jennifer and Lethia respectively, hosted a well planned
and truly wonderful event.  This year’s Rendezvous attracted a total of
one hundred and eight (108) amateur operators who traveled from
seventeen (17) states and the District of Columbia along with their
family members and friends.
Even though all Rendezvous officially start on Fridays, at least forty
people arrived a day early.  Some played in the Rendezvous Golf
Tournament and some did some very serious shopping at a nearby outlet
mall.  Others rested after long drives.  As a matter of note, Denny Crane’
s evil twin, “N4QBU Buddy Monroe” won this year’s golf tournament.

Festivities officially commenced in the Hospitality Room on Friday
evening.  After the opening prayer by Rev. Jeannett Monroe (wife of
Buddy), all attendees were warmly welcomed by the hosts.  Various
foodstuffs, highlighted by two deep fried turkeys prepared by Smitty
(NG4E), were served buffet style.  Earlier in the day, Freddie (N5TQM),
accompanied by his wife and son, stopped and visited for several hours
before continuing on to visit relatives in Virginia.

Saturday, always the biggest day of the Rendezvous, was absolutely
perfect regarding weather.  Attendees were blessed with a clear blue
sky, low humidity and temperatures in the low eighties.   The beautiful
weather, combined with a picturesque location and a great selection of
music by DJ Roadkill (N4NWA), set the tone for a great cookout.  Lavinia
Wright (wife of KB3CKA) offered the blessing for the meal. The food was
superb and in great abundance.  Fourteen cakes provided by Fox
(KA3NIY) made for delicious dessert offerings.  Special thanks to Jay
(N3DHC) for transporting the cakes from Washington , Pennsylvania to
the Rendezvous. Over two-hundred and twenty (220) people attended
the cookout.

After the meal, door prizes were given out. The biggest winners were
Sonny (WA4MYO) and Asa (AB3O) who won Tarheel Antennas and Becky
(wife of KB8UTC) who won a 2M all-mode radio donated by Grady
(WB3JUV).  Thanks to Ball & Ball Communications, Tarheel Antenna,
MFJ Enterprises Inc ,  Stephen Rock (N4SR) and Gaylen Pearson (WB0W)
for providing support to the Rendezvous.  Please remember to support
those who support us.  

Five awards of note were presented.  N4QBU was named “Agitator of
the Year”.  “KW3W was named “Know it All” of the year.  WB6EIQ was
named “The Most Talkative And Not Saying Anything”.  N2ADT was
named “Peacemaker” of the year KE9PH, Tony was named the most
Argumentive Operator in the world.
John (WB8LAP) was given the nod to host the 2006 Rendezvous in
Columbus , Ohio .  Certificates of Attendance were given to all licensed
amateur operators that attended.  The closing prayer was offered by
Rev. Jeannett Monroe.

Saturday evening was designated as “Ladies’ Night”.  All of the ladies
adjourned to the hospitality room and engaged in a “Butterbean
Auction”.  They had a wonderful time except for one minor interruption.  
Mitch (KB8QT) and Troye (N8AWO)  
wandered into the ladies’ domain
while on a desperate search for leftovers from the cookout.  They even
offered to dance for the leftovers.  Both were given a chicken wing and
a slice of bread and told to get out.

In the meantime, all of the men were involved in a surprise drawing for
free rooms.  Six lucky amateur operators won a free night during their
time at the Rendezvous.

Everybody made it back home safe and sound.

C U Next Year in Tupelo , Mississippi       Your host will be KM5UO