June 16, 2007 Cook Out
The Story

The fifteenth annual Amateur Radio Rendezvous, held in Waldorf, Maryland, on June 15, 16 and 17, 2007,
was a resounding success.  Over three hundred and twenty-eight attendees from eighteen states and the
District of Colombia were blessed with wonderful accommodations and absolutely beautiful weather.  The
camaraderie and fellowship were outstanding.  The event was hosted by the Southern Maryland Group which
was comprised of the following individuals.

Wells (W3DBP and his wife Ellen (KB3NNM)
Joe (K3JOE and his wife Francine (K3JYL)
Reggie (KW3W) and his wife Carolyn
Willie (KE3SA) and his wife Barbara
Jesse (N3KC) and his wife Bertie
Rookie (KB3KSB)
Charles (N3HFO)

The annual Rendezvous Black Jack Golf Tournament was played on Friday morning at the White Plains
Regional Golf Course.  The defending champion, Elwood (KQ4XZ) was unable to participate this year.  Dave
(KG9BJ) won the tournament after a sudden-death playoff with Bill (KG8W).

The event officially began Friday evening in the hotel hospitality suite with a short welcoming speech by
Reggie (KW3W) followed by an opening prayer by Fisher (AA9YZ).  All participants were then invited to
partake in the tables of foodstuff provided by the Rendezvous committee.  Afterwards, the ladies took over
the hospitality room for their activities.  All of the men were kicked out of the room.  We are still wondering
about the barking sounds coming from behind the closed doors.  A special thanks to the ladies on the
committee, especially Ellen and Bertie, for their efforts.

The cookout was held on Saturday at Cedarville State Park.  There was an enormous amount of a variety of
foods that all in attendance enjoyed immensely.  Subsequent to the meal, Certificates of Recognition were
given to Fox (W3BGY), Reggie (N4NWA), Buddy (N4QBU) and his wife Jean for their unselfish contributions
to the Rendezvous over the last ten years.

Subsequent to the awards portion of the cookout, Ellen (KB3NNM), the ultimate hostess, started the greatly
anticipated talent revue.  Reggie (N4NWA) started things off with a solo trumpet rendition of the Lord’s
Prayer.  The next act was
The Chicago Dancers.  Thelma McAlister (KB9DKM) and Ruth Anderson gave a very lively performance and
were in fact better than Beyonce.  They in turn were followed by Leroy “Fat Head” Taylor (W9SUS) a little
known blues singer from Memphis by way of Chicago.  We are still trying to find out if he was lip-syncing or
the microphones were truly malfunctioning.  He was followed by the Mamas.  Angela Faust, Gloria Moody
and Loraine Bell dressed as a trio of pregnant women. They sang a Supremes oldie so sweetly that Mitch
(KB8QT) jumped up and claimed responsibility for their condition.  The last act was Granny.  Ellen
(KB3NNM) dressed as a geriatric gave a “smoking” performance as a very lively red-hot-granny.  Needless
to say, she brought down the house.

Drawings for door prizes were conducted between the acts.  We wish to thank all of the companies that
donated equipment for the drawings.  A special acknowledgement goes out to Robert (NC4ME) who is the
owner of Tarheel Antennas.  He arrived Friday afternoon and spent an awful lot of time giving advice
regarding the proper installation of his antenna product.  He walked the expansive hotel parking lot and
inspected every Tarheel antenna he could find. He exhibited a lot of patience and understanding to everybody
with a question.  He also gave away several great door prizes at the cookout.
Please remember to support those who support us.

The Southern Maryland Group is very happy about having hosted Rendezvous XV.  Word that
everyone that attended returned home safely makes it all the better.

See you next year in Savannah, Georgia

Friday night for the ladies June 15, 2007
Tee Shirt Time