Rendezvous XVI  started Friday June 20,2008 with  a welcome by yours truly,  K4QBS,  
followed by a Prayer and blessing of the food by N8RIT, Nate. The food was delicious,  and
after all had eaten the ladies "TOOK OVER," I don't know what went on but I know they had a
great time! The men were doing their usual thing, telling tall tales and lies, and checking out
the many mobiles that were there, just "HAVING FUN." smile.

Sightseeing, Cruises, Night Life, Eating out at the many restaurants, Shopping and Golfing,
proved there was something  available  for all to enjoy. Bill ,KG8W won this year's Black Jack
Thanks to all who came to Pooler, Georgia  for Rendezvous 16, you certainly helped make
this event a great success.  It was good to see so many new faces and all those devoted
Hams and families that are always there supporting the Host.

Saturday,  we were escorted by Pooler's Finest from the Hotel to I-95 south to Richmond Hill,
GA. for the COOK OUT.  The food was blessed by KD4MNA, Cliff,  then  Grady Ball,  
WB3JUV,  our Rendezvous  Founder took the Mike,  and Reggie (Road Kill), N4NWA,  played
music for all to enjoy.  Door Prizes and 50/50's were drawn while every one enjoyed the good
food prepared and served by the Caterer.

The number two Trouble Maker spent the entire week with us.....(sic ). Who is that? I am
betting every body know who  He is.  AA3NN did his usual good deed by helping me pay the
bills.  Thanks Kenny, it also kept him out of trouble. (smile).  I am not going to name all who
helped to make the good time possible, but I surely can't forget the LADIES!

I have received phone calls, e-mails and thank you cards from many who were in attendance,

Special thanks to Grady WB3JUV and John W8LAP for door prizes
Reggie N4NWA for the music; Reggie KW3W for certificates and Ellen Wells for the
Entertainment Committee
Jesse, K4QBS, and  Lorine Bell